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A Universe of 10M+ 3D Objects

Scale Comparison. Objaverse-XL is 12x larger than Objaverse 1.0 and 100x larger than all other 3D datasets combined.

Zero123-XL. Using Objaverse-XL, we train Zero123-XL, a foundation model for 3D, observing incredible 3D generation abilities.

Image-to-3D. Using Zero123-XL, we can perform single image to 3D generation using Dreamfusion. Implemented in threestudio!

Blender Compatibility. Each Objaverse-XL object can be rendered and imported into Blender. Get Started!

Download. Objaverse-XL is now openly available and hosted on 🤗 Hugging Face! We are excited to see what you build!

Get started!

Check out the Google Colab and 🤗 Hugging Face repo to get started.